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Day 21. No-time Author

Hi guys. Did you know I'm not a full-time author? I work a fulltime technical job at a Belgian hosting company called Combell. Besides that, I'm a dad of a beautiful daughter and I run a small company on the hours I have left in my day. But then again, I also love to...

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Day 6. Commitment. It’s a state of mind.

Today I want to talk about commitment. You know, we all want to write our book. But most of us aren't full time writers. The same goes for me. And it's real easy to postpone writing to the following day. And the next. And the one after. You get the idea. There's only...

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Day 4 – Experimenting with ads

Over the past days I've been experimenting with both Facebook and Amazon ads for my book "WordPress Security 101". The setup was the same on both sites: Both ran for 3 full days. Both were limited to 5 euro per day Both campaigns were set up to specifically target...

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Day 1 – Situation right now.

Hi everyone. Thanks for joining me in my quest to hit 2K with my books. As I'm just launching this site right now, it seems fitting to give you guys some insight in the performance of my books. I currently have 3 books out in the Amazon Kindle store, under 2 different...

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