Hi guys.

Did you know I’m not a full-time author? I work a fulltime technical job at a Belgian hosting company called Combell. Besides that, I’m a dad of a beautiful daughter and I run a small company on the hours I have left in my day. But then again, I also love to relax at least an hour a day to watch some Netflix, listen to some awesome podcasts (shoutout to the Sell More Books Show and The Creative Penn) and of course do some reading myself.┬áSo how do I find the time to still get around to writing my books?

That’s easy. I used three techniques.

  • By committing to certain pre-reserved moments to write. I talked about this on my post about commitment.
  • By splitting up my writing task into small segments the equivalent of a blogpost (about 500 words).
  • By creating an outline before I start writing. This will actually be my guide to split the entire book up into segments.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.
By using these techniques, it’s sufficient for me to have about a half an hour every other day (which is doable), to keep my creative process going at an acceptible pace.

In my next post, I’ll go into depth on blogging your book.

See you guys then!