Over the past days I’ve been experimenting with both Facebook and Amazon ads for my book “WordPress Security 101“. The setup was the same on both sites:

  • Both ran for 3 full days.
  • Both were limited to 5 euro per day
  • Both campaigns were set up to specifically target WordPress users in English speaking countries

Interestingly, my results were very different.

On Facebook, I got 2913 views and 34 clicks, but no sales whatsoever. On Amazon (Amazon Marketing Services), I had 5134 views, 17 clicks and 4 sales. The price per click on Facebook was also notably higher than those on Amazon: 0,34 euro per click versus 0,16 euro per click on Amazon.

It’s obvious I will be focussing my advertisement efforts on the Amazon platform, since the return on investment is far better using that platform.