Hi everyone.

Thanks for joining me in my quest to hit 2K with my books. As I’m just launching this site right now, it seems fitting to give you guys some insight in the performance of my books.

I currently have 3 books out in the Amazon Kindle store, under 2 different pen names.

Under my own name, I’ve published “WordPress Security 101 – How to secure your WordPress site against hackers“. That book was published in 2014 and took a great start. Over its lifespan so far, I’ve moved over 5500 copies (including promotions and sales). Since I wasn’t expecting anything more than perhaps moving 100 or so copies, I think of this book as a success.

However, during the last 90 days, sales haven’t been great.

As you can see, sales did improve after about a month in. That’s when I started using Amazon Ads. More on that in a later post.

Under the pen name “Joep Zijlstra”, I published the same book, in 2 different languages. In English there’s “Internet Income! 17 ways to earn money on the internet“. In Dutch there’s “Internet Inkomsten! 17 manieren om geld te verdienen met het internet“. Both have never performed really well, so I’ll be tweaking them later to change all that.

So now you now my starting point. Needless to say, currently, my books aren’t making me a lot of money. But I’m going to change all that. Join me on my journey to 2K montly.