Is your writing ready to hit 2K?

Let me show you how I am turning my books into a 2K monthly revenue stream.

Why I am doing this

The journey is sometimes better than the destination.

Reason one

With millions of books out there, it’s very hard to stand out in the crowd. I hope to find several techniques to get my books found easier.

Reason two

One of my major mistakes was thinking that my books were going to sell themselves. The opposite is true. So I am diving into advertising my books and hope you can learn from my mistakes.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Sharing is caring. I really want to help new authors succeed, so they can have great success launching their books.

My Books

These are the books and brands I am using to write my way to a 2K monthly income.

Feel free to check them out.

Join me on my journey


Join me on this amazing journey to a monthly income of 2K. Throughout this journey I’ll provide you all with updates, tips and tricks, insights in my failures and of course information on the results I’ve acquired.

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Brecht Ryckaert

Author - Entrepreneur